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Buying a Kitten, Deposits and Wait List

All of our Companion Pet Kittens go to their new homes with vet exam, current vaccines, Spay/Neuter contract requirement, or Breeding contract, health record, food, toys, a carrier, Health Guarantee, and Return Contract.

Companion Pets

All Kittens sold as Pets will be required to get Spay/Neutered by 6 months of age.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Some kittens will leave here with a spay/neuter contract requirement to be completed by the time the kitten reaches 6 months old. "NO EXCEPTIONS" Proof of spay/neuter must be provided to the breeder. If not the kitten will be required to be returned to us at buyers expense to be spay/neutered or the buyer will be charged an additional $1000 because you have given us reason to believe you intend to breed. All kittens stay with us until between 10-16 weeks of age. 


We accept Paypal and CashApp. Paypal has a 0.3% fee they charge and must be paid by the buyer.

Deposits are required to hold any kittens or cat through Paypal or Cashapp.

To get on our wait list requires a non-refundable $50 deposit that will be applied to balance of the kitten.  The deposit is to hold your place while waiting for a litter or particular kitten.  If you change your mind you will not be refunded the $50.

Show and Breeding Rights

Any Kittens sold with Show or Breeding rights will be determined on a case by case basis for additional cost. Show and Breeding Kittens can go to their new homes between 10-12 weeks old.

Health Guarantee

All of our kittens leave here with a Congenital Health Guarantee Specific to Maine Coons and Bengals and is covered until the kitten is 12 months old.

Any Congenital disease specific to the Maine Coon Breed and Bengal Breed must be diagnosed by a licensed Veterinarian. Proof must be provided by the licensed Veterinarian to the Breeder for a replacement kitten.  

If the kitten dies from the Congenital disease specific to Maine Coons or Bengals a necropsy must be performed by a licensed Veterinarian to determine the exact cause of death within 30 days and provided to the Breeder.  

The Breeder has up to 1 year to replace the kitten with another kitten of equal value. Breeder has final say on replacement kitten. The Congenital Health Guarantee does NOT cover FIP or any illness or disease that is not on our list of Congenital's specific to the Maine Coon Breed or the Bengal Breed.

Congenital Diseases covered are as follows: HCM, SMA, PK Deficiency, PRA. 

Indoor Homes

We only adopt to families who will maintain and care for their Kittens/cats strictly indoors. If you would like to let your cat outside PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM US!  We do not allow declawing of any Kitten/cat we adopt out or sell.

Return Contract

All of our kittens will have a Return Contract. If for any reason you can no longer care for your kitten/cat it has to be returned to us. We don't care what the reason is ... can't care for it any longer, no longer want, divorce, moved, lost job it doesn't matter. We do not want to see any of our kittens or cats in a rescue, SPCA, shelter or up for sale on the internet etc.. We don't judge we just need you to contact us to return the kitten or cat and we will care for them. Returning the Kitten is at the Purchasers expense. We do not give Refunds.

Return Policy

We do not buy back kittens/cats. We do not refund money for any reason. However, we do allow you to return your kitten/cat for any reason if needed. Please be sure of your commitment when you adopt one of our kittens.

Pickup and Delivery

You can pick up your kitten or have your Kitten delivered by a Pet Ground Shipper we use for additional cost. Ground shipping price is based on your location. We also can meet you Partway for a small fee to cover gas and tolls.

All Kittens have to be cleared by the veterinarian before we release them.  

All kittens receive first vaccines. When you receive your Kitten you must complete their vaccine Booster series and rabies vaccine at your veterinarian to ensure they maintain good health.

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